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Naturally Dyed Woven Wall Hanging 'Roots' with Harris Tweed and Red Jasper in Copper Frame

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Materials: Oexo-Tex certified Cotton, Wool, Silk, Harris Tweed, Copper

Naturally Dyed: Madder Root, Marigold and Coreopsis 

Crystals: Red Jasper for uplifting protective energy and grounding while igniting that inner flame that will fuel movement forward

Dimensions: 14.5in W x 14.75in L x .5in with frame, 12in x 10in (weaving only)

'Roots' embodies the beginning, the origin or the primal state. It's created in the energy of grounding into the ancient and our own base power. It encourages us to keep ancestral practices alive by remembering and honoring the skills and knowledge they offer. The quilt like pattern evokes a feeling of comfort and nostalgia for a time when communities thrived on working together and building each other up. Whole lives and messages of love and well wishes were tied in the art of quilt making. They were made to last for generations, spreading warmth and love. That is the foundation of successful action: being grounded in kindness with the intention for that kindness to be shared with others for decades to come. The copper frame adds more grounding energy and amplifies the energy put into the piece during its creation and of the Red Jasper crystal beads. Enjoy this living piece of all natural home decor as the copper frame patinas with time. 

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 About the Dyes and Materials: 

All fibers were sourced from small, woman owned businesses. They are all natural and eco-friendly. The Harris Tweed was purchased at a small, woman owned, craft store on the Isle of Lewis and Harris, Scotland. The authentic Harris Tweed tag can be found on the back of the weaving. 

See more in depth details about the dyeing process in the blog. 

Madder Plant for Natural Dyeing

Madder root is an ancient dye dating back over 3000 years in recorded history. It is considered an heirloom dye. It yields various colors ranging from browns, shades of red, pink and orange. It was commonly used to dye textiles and fiber as well as laked to create paint.

Madder Root Plant for Natural dyeing textiles

Harris Tweed: Harris Tweed began as a woman owned business and grew to a global brand with the support of other prominent women.

In 1843 on the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, two sisters, known as "The Paisley Sisters" were creating tweed that attracted the attention of a prominent woman, Lady Catherine Herbert. Lady Catherine Herbert was so impressed with the fine quality of

weaving that she  commissioned the sisters to create outfits for members in employ on her estate. The fabric proved to be durable in the Scottish weather and well suited for common practice activities of the time such as hunting and riding. Lady Catherine Herbert was close friends with Queen Victoria and after sharing the luxurious fabric with her the sisters were quickly put to work traveling for addtional training and education and sharing their knowledge with others. As their tweed grew in popularity The Harris Tweed Authority was created to ensure that all Harris Tweed was made to very exacting standards, such as made by hand (not machine powered looms) from pure virgin wool hand or mill spun on the island. After the material is sent to the Harris Tweed Authority it is inspected and stamped if it meets the quality standards. The weaver or store is then given tags that can be used to identify that it is Harris Tweed. 

Shipping: Please allow 3-5 days to prepare for shipping.

Care: Use a dry rag to dust off the copper frame as needed. Do not use soaps or harsh chemicals to clean. This is a living piece of art, the copper will patina over time. The natural dyes used are considered light fast, however, continuous exposure to direct sunlight over time may alter the vibrancy, much like a painting. Indirect sunlight is recommended. To hang the weaving place one nail or screw in the top two corners of the copper frame. 

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