• Intuitive Designs For You and Your Home

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Intuitive Designs For You and Your Home

One of a Kind Nature Made Art

Weaving For Wellness

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What Makes Sett Intentions Weaving So Distinct?

It begins with carefully sourcing materials from small, mostly woman owned businesses and farms. Each one of a kind piece is designed to fulfill a specific intention or goal. Once the intention has been set, the rest of the process embraces the many ways in which to infuse that intention into the piece: through color, texture, energetic assistance of crystals, the moon cycles and even in the properties of plants used for dyeing and painting.

Sett Intentions Weaving is about creating simply, as a community, just like our ancestors would have. We reflect on the intentional way in which they lived; how every action had a purpose; every ounce of energy exerted had a goal. That mentality and the ambition to build a supportive community spills over into every facet of Sett Intentions Weaving.

Decorate Your Home With Intention

Woven Wall Hangings

Our Story

Sett Intentions Weaving started as a feeling. I felt compelled to retrace the steps of my ancestors and recreate their sense of community. I found myself on a croft in Scotland, seeing the magic of living simply, in connection with not just the earth, but with each other and those who came before.

Sett Intentions Weaving was born in that moment. The “sett” or foundation of the business is the community. Sett Intentions Weaving exclusively sources fibers from other small, mostly woman owned, businesses and farms. Every piece of home decor, clothing, and piece of jewelry is created by hand with intention and a bit of magic.