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Naturally Dyed Woven Wall Hanging 'Daylight' with Harris Tweed and Citrine in Copper Frame

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 Materials: Oexo-Tex certified Cotton, Wool, Silk, Authentic Harris Tweed, Copper

Naturally Dyed: Weld, Marigold and Coreopsis 

Crystals: Citrine for the push into action 

Dimensions:  (with frame),  (weaving only)

The intention behind 'Daylight' was to capture the energy of a sun burst. A sun burst pushes through the clouds, however briefly, it pops up to remind us that it is still there shining, doing what it's meant to do even if it can't be seen. It continues to be itself. It's the sudden push to keep going, keep moving forward even in the face of obstacles. It's the reminder of your own power, purpose and potential. 'Daylight' was created to bring the action energy and confidence needed to pursue your goals. 

Read more about the dyeing process and intentions in the piece on the blog here

About the Dyes and Materials: 

All fibers were sourced from small, woman owned businesses. They are all natural and eco-friendly. The Harris Tweed was purchased at a small, woman owned, craft store on the Isle of Lewis and Harris, Scotland. The authentic Harris Tweed tag can be found on the back of the weaving. 

Weld is an ancient dye, the most ancient yellow dye known. It is also the most lightfast natural yellow dye. It was often used in conjunction with Indigo or Woad to create brilliant greens. It was popular not just because the color it yields but also because of  how easily and abundantly it grew. The marigold and coreopsis flowers were harvested from my own garden. The marigold were grown from seed and the coreopsis are transplants from the family home, bringing with them lots of loving energy. 

Harris Tweed: Harris Tweed began as a woman owned business and grew to a global brand with the support of other prominent women.

In 1843 on the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, two sisters, known as "The Paisley Sisters" were creating tweed that attracted the attention of a prominent woman, Lady Catherine Herbert. Lady Catherine Herbert was so impressed with the fine quality of

weaving that she  commissioned the sisters to create outfits for members in employ on her estate. The fabric proved to be durable in the Scottish weather and well suited for common practice activities of the time such as hunting and riding. Lady Catherine Herbert was close friends with Queen Victoria and after sharing the luxurious fabric with her the sisters were quickly put to work traveling for addtional training and education and sharing their knowledge with others. As their tweed grew in popularity The Harris Tweed Authority was created to ensure that all Harris Tweed was made to very exacting standards, such as made by hand (not machine powered looms) from pure virgin wool hand or mill spun on the island. After the material is sent to the Harris Tweed Authority it is inspected and stamped if it meets the quality standards. The weaver or store is then given tags that can be used to identify that it is Harris Tweed. 

Shipping: Please allow 3-5 days to prepare for shipping.

Care: Use a dry rag to dust off the copper frame as needed. Do not use soaps or harsh chemicals to clean. This is a living piece of art, the copper will patina over time. The natural dyes used are considered light fast, however, continuous exposure to direct sunlight over time may alter the vibrancy, much like a painting. Indirect sunlight is recommended. To hang the weaving place one nail or screw in the top two corners of the copper frame. 

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