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Naturally Dyed 'The Beach' Woven Wall Hanging in Copper Frame with Tiger's Eye & Amazonite Crystals

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Materials: Oexo Tex certified cotton, handcut silk and 100% wool

Natural Dye: Black Walnut and Indigo

Crystals: Tiger's Eye and Amazonite for good luck in your endeavors for life's treasures

Dimensions: 10.5 in x 9.5in (with frame)

'The Beach' is naturally hand dyed Weaving with Amazonite and Tiger's Eye crystals in a custom soldered copper frame. Naturally dyed with Indigo and locally harvested Butternut. Read more about the dyeing process here. The weaving encompasses the abundance of the beach. It's made for the beachcomber at heart. There are mysteries tucked away waiting to be discovered, and bounties unknown. When visiting the beach there's the excitement over what might be. What could have washed up on the beach just waiting for you to find. There's hope and reward in the piece. It's the childlike excitement that restores our sense of purpose, our belief in something bigger. 

The macrame twisted details represent the ebb and flow of the tides. The wave of abundance destined to be discovered. The combination of Amazonite and Tiger's Eye brings good luck and fortune to your endeavors. Tiger's Eye will help turn thoughts into actions while Amazonite will lend encourage and help pave the road to smooth success. Much like the rolling waves the Amazonite beads are flowing from the fibers of the weaving, creating movement. The Tiger's Eyes beads are tucked into the texture of the sand dunes, almost hidden, much like the treasures on the shores. 

All fibers were carefully sourced from small woman owned businesses. 

Shipping: Please allow 3-5 days to prepare for shipping.

Care: Do not hang in direct sunlight. Dust frame with dry rag as needed. Do not use soaps or chemicals to clean. 

*Note: this is for one weaving, to see the rest of the collection click here