Why Sett Intentions Weaving

The Why of it All....

Why does Sett Intentions Weaving exist you may wonder? Such a big question has a really simple answer. It exists for you. It exists for the opportunity to create a community, one in which we all belong and we can all connect with each other and our ancestors. The answer is simple but the execution is a bit more complex. 

Prior to founding Sett Intentions Weaving I was searching for that deeper sense of purpose. I felt like there was a gap between the reality of every day life and and what every day should feel like. Maybe you're familiar with that feeling. Maybe I just sound crazy, wouldn't be the first time. Before I had kids I was doing what I was told: getting good grades to get into good schools to get a good job, but eventually I found out that the definition of a "good" job was much different than what I had been told . After having kids I realized all those things I thought were important, weren't, which left me feeling out of place for awhile, until that fateful day I stepped foot in Scotland. 

Scotland Scottish Highland and Island Croft Heather

The day the plane landed in Scotland I felt everything click into place. The fear and the aimlessness fell away and I saw it clearly. My purpose and my passion is recreate the small village life that is so prevalent there. What is a small village life mentality you may ask? It's one where everything we do has intention, a purpose. One where we work together to not just survive, but thrive. 

So, now that you know the mission of Sett Intentions Weaving, you may be wondering, but what does any of that have to do with weaving, or natural dyeing or paint making or any of the other things you do? Great question. 

The best answer I can give you is that while in Scotland I enjoyed learning about the tradition of weaving. It spoke to me. It represented thousands of years of communities worldwide coming together to create. No matter what time period, no matter what culture, region, everybody's ancestors wove. Harris Tweed Scotland Floor loom Seaforth Harris Tweed Weaving was essential for anything from making clothes to making masts for ships. The deep connection to the earth, using plant fibers to make baskets, ropes and nets for fishing to survive and caring for your own animals to use their fiber offerings for making clothes, tapestries and blankets is beyond beautiful. The whole process from start to finish began with intention. Songs and rituals were performed to infuse energy into each step. Nothing that was created was wasted. It was made with love to be loved for generation after generation. It's hard not to be inspired by such an incredible history. 

So why learn how to natural dye and make all natural paints? Well, that's super easy to answer. I want to be as cool as our ancestors and do it all anddddddd didn't I already mention I am extra as hell? No? Must have

Naturally Dyed Yarn flower cotton wool yarn

deleted that part because I thought you would stop reading by now. I learned how to naturally dye my fibers and make pigments from natural materials because the connection to the earth helps center my craft and it's all part of the ancient art of our ancestors. Not to mention that synthetic dyes are the one of the world's largest pollutants. So there's that. Get on the bandwagon with me! I am only one person trying to make a difference, but if you join me and three people join you, it's like the best pyramid scheme ever! But seriously, why wouldn't you want to have something unique that comes directly from the earth?! AND that doesn't even cover the amazing energy that comes from using organic material. You literally can surround yourself with the magical attributes of nature. And it's easier than you think. Stay tuned for more blog posts to learn how. 

I thought this post would be a paragraph. I apologize for the length. I am a nerd about my business and if you've read this far then you like how nerdy I roll, so thank you.


Now that you know the why.... here's the how.....


In order to create a community Sett Intentions Weaving needs to live the community mindset. That means that from the ground up everything is intentional. All the fibers are carefully sourced from small businesses and farms because, wow, having a small business is hard, and they deserve all the recognition for that effort. This again feeds into the small village mentality. We all thrive when we all support each other. Throughout the process of creating each step is meticulously thought out... maybe too much so, but that's another story. Everything that is done, from foraging for the natural dye material to weaving is infused with energy.

Naturally Avocado Dyed cotton wool yarn fiber

Foraging is done in rhythm with the seasons, with respect for mother nature and planned around the moon cycles. The dyes are made with crystal infused moon water. The space where "all the magic happens" as they say, is regularly cleansed and the entirety of the weaving is done with the intention of the piece in mind, adding even more energy. As if that wasn't enough, you know by now I am extra, I then add crystals to the weaving that further support the intention in the piece. The weavings are not just beautiful, they are healing for myself as I work on them and hopefully for you every time you look at them. 

Thank you for sticking through to the end. Maybe the next post will be shorter but no promises :) 


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