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'Share the Light' Woven Wall Hanging

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Intention: find the path that not only brings you joy, but also spreads it to others and together we will all rise up

Crystals Used Citrine, Rose quartz
Colors Black, Gold, Pink, Natural
Materials Used Oeko-Tex certified Cotton, Wool Roving
Approx Dimensions 10 inches W 25 inches long


Think about the way the sun spreads its rays around the world. It doesn’t hold it’s light inside. It shines bright, no matter what is happening near or far. It never fails. Even if we can’t see it, it is always shining bright. This weaving is about embracing the way you can share your love in the world around you. This is the sister weaving to 'Be the Light' and has a more outgoing energy to it. 

Adorned with Rose Quartz and Citrine crystals to emphasize the joyous and loving energy. 

Also pictured sister weaving 'Be the Light' can be purchased separately. See listing in shop. 

All fibers are carefully sourced from other small businesses and Oeko-Tex (free of harmful chemicals) certified. 

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Chakra Sacral, Solar Plexus and Crown
Planet Sun, Jupiter
Element Fire, Air
Properties/Uses Creativity, Manifestation, Remove fear allowing energy to flow into action, Energizing and Recharging, Prosperity, Joy, Protection,  


Rose Quartz:

Chakra Heart
Planet Venus
Element Earth, Water
Properties/Uses Love, Kindness, Trust, Harmony, Peace, Gentle