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Naturally Dyed 'Twister' Woven Wall Hanging in Copper Frame with Sodalite

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Materials: Oexo Tex certified cotton, and 100% wool

Natural Dye: Indigo and Logwood

Crystals: Sodalite for clarity, strength, the ability to use your intuition and know your truth

Dimensions: 10.5 in x 9.5in (with frame)

'Twister' is a naturally hand dyed woven wall hanging with Sodalite crystals and custom soldered copper frame. Naturally dyed with the ancient dye Indigo and Logwood. Throughout the dyeing process the fibers were infused with energy using crystals and lunar cycles. The indigo fibers were dyed with the intention to rest in order to thrive. The Logwood fibers were dyed with the intention to take the leap toward your dream and trust that it will work out. Read the blog to see more about the dyeing process. The two combined in this weaving create the energy of the moment before the move, the one where everything is still but the energy of the impending forward movement is palpable. It is the strength in the quiet before the storm. Before the storm descends there is a quiet building of strength. The storm rages with fierce unmistakeable power, but the calm before the storm is electrified energy that acts in a more subtle way. It's the feeling you get that something is coming. It's not obvious in a way that can be explained, just felt. It is the clarity that comes before the storm launches. It's a beautiful moment full of promise and the culmination of effort just before it pays off and there's a sweeping forward to what you desire. Macrame twists were added to represent the spiral building of energy, the movement and the strength (reminiscent of DNA strands, the building blocks of each person).

The weaving 'Twister' is finished off with a custom soldered copper frame and 7 sodalite crystals beads. Seven Sodalite beads were used to reinforce the energetic purpose of clarity, strength, inner wisdom and enhanced intuition. 

All fibers were carefully sourced from small woman owned businesses. 

Shipping: Please allow 3-5 days to prepare for shipping.

Care: Do not hang in direct sunlight. Dust frame with dry rag as needed. Do not use soaps or chemicals to clean. 

Note: this is for 1 weaving, not the collection. To see the full collection of available naturally dyed weavings click here