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Naturally Dyed 'Deception' Woven Wall Hanging with Red Jasper in Copper Frame

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Materials: Oexo Tex certified cotton and 100% wool

Natural Dye: Marigold, Coreopsis and Madder Root

Crystals: Red Jasper

Dimensions: 10.5 in x 9.5in (with frame)

'Deception' is naturally hand dyed Weaving with Red Jasper crystals in a custom soldered copper frame. Naturally dyed with homegrown marigolds and coreopsis flowers and powdered Madder Root. Read more about the dyeing process here. The beautiful pinks and red hues are deceptive. One may think it's a delicate, flirty piece, so sweet. But really it's feminine strength and power. It's a deceptive trap set to trick those into thinking that it is meek and can be conquered, controlled. Think Venus Fly Trap. It lures its pray rather than hunts. It knows what things should be and what things actually are, and knows how to work the system to merge the two closer together. 

The macrame details represent power and strength. The straight lines and the twisted curves show the perfect juxtaposition. It's fluid, yet hard when needed. It sees the path clearly but knows the obstacles, knows the environment it needs to conquer to get there. It is deceptive. It accomplishes its goals in a way that is under the radar. In a way that outwits. Like the Charlie's Angels of weavings. The Red Jasper Crystals represent the root. The start. The primal. It's about the knowing of the burning fire of purpose that fuels and challenges. 

All fibers were carefully sourced from small woman owned businesses. 

Shipping: Please allow 3-5 days to prepare for shipping.

Care: Do not hang in direct sunlight. Dust frame with dry rag as needed. Do not use soaps or chemicals to clean. 

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